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IVF or In Vitro Fertilization, is a procedure in which eggs are fertilized with sperm outside a woman’s body. During the IVF process, eggs are retrieved from the ovaries and fertilized with sperm in embryology laboratory. The fertilized egg (embryo) is later placed into the woman’s womb.

ICSI or Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection is recommended to further improve the chances of conceiving. ICSI is a micromanipulation procedure that involves the careful selection of high-quality well-formed sperm with good motility. In ICSI, each egg is directly injected with a single sperm under microscopic control.

An IVF-ICSI procedure includes several steps that may vary per patient, according to the prescribed treatment plan. Our process in Dubai commonly involves:

Ovarian Stimulation – a woman usually produces one egg from her ovaries during normal ovulation. In order to increase the chances of fertilization during IUI, our specialist will give her fertility medicine at the start of her menstrual cycle to encourage multiple eggs release.

Egg Retrieval – Eggs are retrieved through a minor surgical procedure that uses ultrasound imaging to guide a hollow needle through the pelvic cavity to remove the eggs. Medication is provided to reduce and remove potential discomfort.

Sperm Collection & ICSI – On the day of Egg Retrieval, a semen sample is taken to fertilize the retrieved eggs. To increase chances of fertilization, a single sperm is injected into each egg using a precision needle in a method called ICSI.

Embryo Transfer – Embryo Transfer is a minor procedure that does not require sedation.

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